Conscious Living Workshops


Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Conflict Resolution

Introspective recognition of sources of conflict within self and with others.

Behavioural Modification

Change behaviour through hypnotherapy and techniques that encourage "Conscious LIving", such as priority evaluation and identification of belief systems which cause behaviour.

Life Skills

Relaxation response. Anger and stress management. Life strategies. Venting. Sounding Board. Alternatives.


Prevent arguments by learning to identify underlying emotional issues, and learning to diffuse/deflect inflammatory comments.

Discover the Self Workshop Series

I - Discover the Self

• Who are you?

• What behaviour patterns do you repeat?

• What are the beliefs behind the patterns?

• Are your automatic response beliefs up to date?

II - Transformation from Within

• Learn the components required to change

• Learn how to change automatic response beliefs

• Learn how to change ingrained behavioural patterns

III - Conscious Living

• Acquire techniques to develop and practice your own method of personal transformation

5 Week Basic Awareness Workshop

I - Energy

1. Understanding Energy

2. Sensing Energy Field

3. Polarity

4. Laws of Attraction

5. Benefits

II - The Energy of Thoughts

1. What thoughts can do to us

2. What thoughts can do to others

3. Thought selection

4. Vocabulary

5. Perception

III - How the Brain Works

1. The chemical of emotions

2. Emotional addictions

IV - Art

1. Automatic Pilot

2. Responding v. Reacting

3. Diffusing v. Igniting

V - Embracing Life

Using all the tools to create the life you want.