Business & Professional

     •Business Registration





Conflict Resolution


          Learn to deflect inflammatory comments, and diffuse arguments before

          Jointly define the issue

          Separate facts from emotions

          Argue in the present


Talking is NOT communicating

• Learn the rules of Effective Communication

Critical Thinking

          Enables analysis, evaluation and thinking to be restructured

          Reduces the risk of thinking, adopting, acting on false belief

          Identifies prejudice, bias, and self-deception.

Empowerment: Self/Others

•Learn to  develop confidence by increasing spiritual, political, social, or economic strength


           Learn the rules of brainstorming and the pitfalls of groupthink

Mission Statement/Goals/Objectives

          Create Mission Statement

          Define Goals

          Establish Objectives

Professional Development for Regulated Professionals

Part I - Human Relations



          Critical Thinking



          Conflict Resolution

          Time Management


Part II - Basic Legal Requirement

(RMT; Acupuncturists; Psychotherapists)




          Statutory Committees

          Mandatory Reporting

          Record Keeping

          Controlled Acts